“Monitoring Readiness for Fatigue Within Speed Sessions”

Above is a link to the fifth video in the Smart Speed and Power Training with Mike Young video series from Fusion Sport. In this fifth video Mike discusses the importance of monitoring performance during a speed session and he provides some rest interval guidelines for speed training sessions. Mike also provides some volume and distance considerations for those sessions with an acceleration emphasis and for those sessions with a top-end speed emphasis.

Click the link above to watch the video and while you are at the Fusion Sport Web site be sure to check out any of the preceding videos in the series that you may have missed.

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“Considerations for Speed-Power Session Development”

Above is a link to the fourth video in the Smart Speed and Power Training with Mike Young video series from Fusion Sport. In this fourth video Mike provides the viewer with some things that should be considered when implementing a speed-power session with an athlete. Of prime importance is determining the readiness of the athlete to train as it regards a speed-power session. A fatigued, beat up athlete is not going to benefit from a speed-power session. In such a case, it may be necessary for the coach to “go off script” and either substitute a training session not focused on speed-power or give the athlete the day off. At the very least, a reduction in the training volume for the planned speed-power session may be necessary.

Mike introduces reactive strength index or RSI as a tool for evaluating readiness. This is certainly a more objective tool than pre-session surveys / questionnaires or simply asking the athlete how they feel on a given day. An objective measurement of readiness should be incorporated when possible. The answers that an athlete might provide during questioning could lead the coach to believe that the athlete is ill-prepared for a speed-power training session when that is not the case. It is not out of the question for an athlete to show up for a training session, report that they are feeling “a bit off,” and have a personal best / personal record kind of session. Alternately, it is also possible for an athlete to provide answers that might lead the coach to assume that the athlete is ready for a challenging speed-power session, only for the coach to later observe that the athlete is not performing up to par. Objective measurements in concert with subjective feedback from the athlete allow a coach to get a better idea as to the athlete’s true readiness to train speed and power.

To view Dr. Young’s video, click on the link above. Below are links to a three-part article series by Eamonn Flanagan, PhD. explaining and elaborating on the reactive strength index:




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Continuing Education Scholarship Opportunity (2017 Physical Preparation Summit)

This post is directed to my fellow fitness / sport performance specialists. In particular, it is directed to those that meet the eligibility criteria outlined below.

This morning I received an e-mail message from Mike Robertson of Robertson Training Systems that indicated that he would be giving away two scholarships to attend the 2017 Physical Preparation Summit (http://www.physicalpreparationsummit.com/) in Indianapolis, Indiana on August 4th and 5th. This promises to be a great event with some fantastic presenters including Mike Robertson, Bill Hartman, Lee Taft, and my friend and mentor, Mike Young. Sadly, having recently moved to the Midwest and searching for a new job, I will not be attending. If I were under 25 years of age though you can bet that I would be applying for one of these two scholarships. So good luck to you if you decide to apply! 🙂 The e-mail message with all the details is cut and pasted below:

Hey Gregory,

As you probably know, I’m a big believer in continuing education.

Unfortunately, especially when we’re younger, we may not have the disposable income to attend seminars and events.

So I want to try something new this year, and we’ll see how it works…

I’ve got TWO scholarships I want to offer for this year’s Physical Prep Summit. However, there are some criteria you have to meet to apply:

1. You must be under the age of 25,

2. You must have at least 1 year of experience in the strength and conditioning world (i.e. you have to have some skin in the game), and

3. You must be able to get to the seminar here in Indianapolis on both August 4th and 5th (in other words, don’t register, get the spot, and then not show up!)

If you or someone you know wants to apply, here’s what you have to do:

1. Shoot a short video (3 minutes or less) explaining why you should get one of the two scholarships.

2. Send the video to info@robertsontrainingsystems.com no later than Friday at midnight.

3. Make sure to follow the directions in Steps 1 and 2 🙂

I will review all of the applicants ASAP, and winners will be notified on Monday.

I think this is a really cool opportunity, so if you’re under the age of 25, please take advantage and submit an application.

And even if you’re not qualified, please pass this along to another coach who might be interested. I’m serious about making a difference in the development of our young coaches, and I know this can help!

Thanks for your support and have a great day!

All the best,

P.S. – Many thanks to Hunter Charneski for offering up one of the scholarships. I’ll explain his role in this later…

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“Hurdle Mobility Drills for Speed Sessions”

Above is a link to the third video in the Smart Speed and Power Training with Mike Young video series from Fusion Sport. In this third video Mike directs his athlete to perform some hurdle mobility drills that he might program prior to sprinting and discusses how he programs them. Again notice the emphasis on good posture and proper technique. Mindlessly moving through the drills with poor posture and poor technique will not provide the athlete with the desired benefits.

When I worked at Athletic Lab, I used hurdle mobility drills with some of my athletes. As Mike indicated, you can gather a great deal of information about your athlete’s abilities and limitations if you are watchful. My athletes enjoyed these drills and how they felt afterwards, particularly once they had some experience with the drills and were able to get into a rhythm when performing them. Check out these drills by clicking on the link above.

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“Sprint Drills for Speed Sessions”

Above is a link to the second video in the new video series from Fusion Sport, Smart Speed and Power Training with Mike Young. In this second video Mike shows some of the sprint drills that he might use during a speed training session. Notice the emphasis on front-side mechanics and good posture. As Mike points out, technique and attention to detail is critical and the drill will only benefit the athlete if it is performed with conscious intent.

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“Warming Up for Speed Sessions”

Above is a link to the first video in the new video series from Fusion Sport, Smart Speed and Power Training with Mike Young. In this first video Mike outlines how to warm up for a speed training session. Mike is a PhD-level sport scientist and performance coach that has had success coaching athletes at all levels of sport. He is also a friend and mentor. If you train speed, you owe it yourself and your athletes to give this video your attention.

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Congratulations to the Champions!

It has been a busy last couple days in the sports world. Congratulations to the Pittsburg Penguins for winning the 2016-2017 Stanley Cup and repeating as the NHL champions by defeating the Nashville Predators. Congratulations to the Golden State Warriors for defeating last year’s champion, the Cleveland Cavaliers, and winning the 2016-2017 NBA title. Finally, congratulations to Tapwrit and Jose Ortiz for edging out Irish War Cry and Rajiv Maragh at the finish to win the 2017 Belmont Stakes. Patch, the one-eyed horse that was a sentimental favorite for many at this year’s Kentucky Derby, took third place. 🙂

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“Benefits of Exercise on Aging”

There are numerous benefits associated with exercise. That is true for older adults as well. Click on the link above to read my recent contribution to the Raleigh Orthopaedic blog on the topic.

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Congratulations to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Tar Heels!

Congratulations to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Tar Heels. After last year’s devastating loss in the national championship game, this year’s victory in the last game of the NCAA Tournament must indeed feel like “redemption” to their fans. A lot of my friends and colleagues are flying high this morning.

I would be remiss if I did not congratulate the Gonzaga Bulldogs on their runner-up season. I have to believe that at some point in the not-too-distant future, the Zags will reach the top of the NCAA men’s basketball mountain.

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Congratulations to the 2017 World Champion New England Patriots!

Wow! What a game! The New England Patriots won an incredible Super Bowl LI against the Atlanta Falcons last night. When the Falcons were up late in the third quarter, I thought to myself that this was the Falcons game to lose. The Falcons couldn’t hold the lead, but the credit has to go to the Patriots led by Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. That was an incredible comeback.

Congratulations to the Atlanta Falcons on an incredible season, an NFC Championship, and a hard-fought Super Bowl. Just a little short last night. It is a shame anyone had to lose that game.

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