Reflections on 2013 and Looking to the Future

It is almost expected during the winter holiday season, with the dawn of a new year right around the corner, for a person to look back upon the events and occurrences of the past year and reflect. I think it is somewhat inevitable that at some point in one’s life a person will grow more introspective, consider the inexorable march of time, and take a measure of their life up to that point. Perhaps it is simply that I am no longer a young twenty-something. Heck, I am no longer a young thirty-something. In any case, at this time of year I find myself asking questions which require truthfulness and courage to answer honestly. “Have I done everything that I can do to make the most of the abilities and skills that I possess.” “Am I living up to my potential?” “Will I have left the world a better place for my having lived?” “Have I touched someone’s life for the better?” While my life up till now has yielded some achievements and successes, I feel that I have more to offer this world. Perhaps it is vanity or overconfidence, but I believe that I can achieve more than I have to this point in my life.

I am a sport performance / fitness coach. I work in a field that helps others achieve a greater percentage of their overall potential. The clients with which I work have to do the work to improve themselves. I can’t do it for them. But I can encourage them, instruct them, help motivate them, and otherwise guide them on the path towards their particular goal or goals. I know that the clients with which I work are improving themselves. They deserve the credit, as they are doing the work. I am simply there supporting them. Helping others close the gap between where they are currently and what they could achieve is the reward.

I know that I can still improve myself as a coach. I know that I can still improve myself as a person. I can do more to reach more people and spread a message of health, fitness, and performance. To help others improve themselves I must improve myself. This blog can enlighten others. For this blog to live up to it’s potential, I need to publish material, both my own and that of other professionals that I respect. By this time next year, I expect that this blog will be a source of health, fitness, and performance enhancement information that more closely mirrors what I expect of myself and my blog.

2014 will no doubt present a number of challenges and opportunities, both personal and professional. I am truly excited by the possibilities that the future holds. I hope you are as well.

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