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“CrossFit Games Champion vs. MMA Conditioning Test” Coach Joel Jamieson takes James Fitzgerald, the 2007 CrossFit Games Champion, through a conditioning test that coach Jamieson uses to test his UFC fighters. Afterwards, there is a discussion about training.

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“The Absolute Strength to Absolute Speed Continuum”

Coach Eric Cressey details the continuum from absolute strength to absolute speed. Moreover, he outlines how to use this information in a practical manner with your athletes or in your own performance enhancement program.

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“The Final Nail in the Cardio Coffin” Fitness professional Rachel Cosgrove clears up the confusion regarding the famed “fat-burning zone” and recommends a combination of total-body strength training and interval training as a better strategy for losing excess fat.Β 

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“Maximal Fat Loss, Minimal Equipment” Coach Dan John shares some workout ideas designed to target fat loss.

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“The 5 ‘Musts’ to Sustainable Exercise: Michael Haddin at TEDxPSUAD” Fitness entrepreneur Michael Haddin shares his must-haves to ensure sustainable exercise as part of your lifestyle.

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“Time for aerobics class.”

Just a reminder about the importance of diet from πŸ™‚

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Making the Case for Resistance Training by Endurance Athletes — Part IV

In Part III of this article series, I covered the resistance training program considerations for endurance athletes.Β In Part IV, I will discuss warm-up and flexibility considerations for endurance athletes. A proper warm-up prior to a training session or competition offers … Continue reading

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“Beware the fur…

“Beware the fury of a patient man.” — fortune cookie πŸ™‚

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“A true friend …

“A true friend walks in when the rest of the world walks out.” — fortune cookie πŸ™‚

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“Run for your life! At a comfortable pace, and not too far: James O’Keefe at TEDxUMKC” Dr. James O’Keefe Jr., a cardiologist, shares his experience / findings regarding extreme endurance training / racing and the possible health impacts.

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