Strength Coach: A Call to Serve

Coach Jeff Connors has made a name for himself as a strength and conditioning coach. My first year at East Carolina University was 1991. That was the same season that the Pirates football team won the 1992 Peach Bowl and finished the season 11 and 1. There is no doubt that the contributions of Coach Connors played a role in the success of the football team that season and in subsequent seasons. After leaving ECU for a 10-year stint at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, he returned to Greenville in 2011. The Pirates are indeed fortunate to have him back.

I was fortunate to have Coach Connors as a teacher in my first year at East Carolina University. He was the instructor of my football skills and methods class. The class was designed to teach physical education students the basics of the game. What I remember about Coach Connors was his energy and enthusiasm. When he talked about the game you could see that he loved it. When we went outside to play / practice you could hear his voice booming as he sought to fire us up to put forth a genuine effort. I remember hearing him shout praise when I ran a nice dig route against a defender to receive a pass. I also remember him shouting out encouragement when he had us running “gassers” at the end of class.

Coach Connors’ book Strength Coach: A Call to Serve was released in November, 2013. It is on my “must-read” list of books to read this year. I expect that fans of football, ECU sports, and those that have an interest in strength and conditioning would find this book to be a fascinating read. Anyone that feels a calling to serve others likely would find value in reading his book as well.

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  1. gregmaness says:

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    It took me a little longer than I expected to get around to reading Coach Connors’ book. I ordered my copy after attending the 2015 Jeff Connors’ Strength and Conditioning Clinic earlier this year. I finished reading the book yesterday and I must say that I am really glad that I finally got around to reading it.

    In addition to sharing his experiences as a coach and athlete (not to mention his experiences as a police officer), the book outlines Coach Connors’ training philosophy and practices. Having read the book once, I intend to go back through it again and take copious notes. If you are an aspiring or current strength and conditioning professional, particularly at the college level, I highly recommend that you read this book.

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