“(Over) Analyzing & (Over) Coaching”

Matt Foreman makes a sound argument for not letting a desire to achieve technical perfection get in the way of learning, performing or teaching the weightlifting lifts. The coaches that I have found to be most helpful in any of my chosen athletic pursuits have been concise in their feedback and did not offer their feedback on every single repetition of a given skill. In working with athletes and clients, I have to remind myself that it is what you say and not how much you say that will have more impact on an athlete or trainee.

When it comes to the weightlifting lifts (i.e., clean and jerk and the snatch) and their derivatives (e.g., power clean), I read or heard some pretty good advice that I think is spot-on. Simply stated, if a lift feels athletic, the technique is probably pretty good. That doesn’t mean that we can’t find some technique flaws, but we are in the right neighborhood.

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