“Remember the strength of Words, they can make enemies of friends, start wars or create peace, or break or save lives. In the context of coaching, words can build confidence, morale, relationships, and lasting friendships or they could crush them all!” — Joe Kenn

Coach Joe Kenn of the Carolina Panthers and Big House Power explains the thought process behind his mantra “WORDS WIN.” As trainers and coaches (and caring human beings) we have to remember the impact that our words can have on others. As athletes we have to remember the impact that our words have on ourselves, as well as on our teammates. Coach Kenn explains what he believes to constitute winning and how we can put ourselves in position to win.

Winning consistently in life is definitely affected by our mindset. We can acknowledge the impact that others’ words have on us and recognize the importance of associating with those that encourage us and challenge us to be the best that we can be. Life is too short to surround yourself with doubters, haters, and naysayers. You will likely never entirely eliminate the “chatter” of critics, so it also helps to have a strong mental game and “Talk the Talk” as well as “Walk the Walk.”

Click the link above to access the article and please feel free to share it with others that might benefit from Coach Kenn’s wisdom.

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