“Hurdle Mobility Drills for Speed Sessions”

Above is a link to the third video in the Smart Speed and Power Training with Mike Young video series from Fusion Sport. In this third video Mike directs his athlete to perform some hurdle mobility drills that he might program prior to sprinting and discusses how he programs them. Again notice the emphasis on good posture and proper technique. Mindlessly moving through the drills with poor posture and poor technique will not provide the athlete with the desired benefits.

When I worked at Athletic Lab, I used hurdle mobility drills with some of my athletes. As Mike indicated, you can gather a great deal of information about your athlete’s abilities and limitations if you are watchful. My athletes enjoyed these drills and how they felt afterwards, particularly once they had some experience with the drills and were able to get into a rhythm when performing them. Check out these drills by clicking on the link above.

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